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  1. Hello Partho,

    So techie!

    Never know this trick as I don’t add anyone to groups, but interesting to learn.

    Thanks for the awesome techie one.

    • Partho Pratim Mazumder

      Thanks bro ,
      Actually group is effective for community and building brand . It’s also useful for traffic .
      Glad you like it . 🙂

  2. Hi Partho
    This may be interesting and of use for some people 🙂
    will share it 🙂

    Love this song ,he has a great voice like his father 🙂

    • Partho Pratim Mazumder

      Hi dear friend,
      I am truly pleased , you like it . 🙂 Group is valuable for creating tribes if you want to brand any community . Group is also useful for traffic also .
      And I am happy that you like this song . it’s one of the favorite song of mine 🙂

  3. Hi Partho, thanks for sharing tutorial.
    Facebook groups are really a great way to increase engagement. Like, if you’re an entrepreneur, you can get more engagement for your business. If you’re a blogger, you can use it for getting engagement to your blog and so on!
    Thanks again.
    ~ Ahmad

    • Partho Pratim Mazumder

      Thank you ,bro . I am feeling happy that you understand the value of this post 😀 . Thank you again to visit this site. 😀

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