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What is a 301 Redirect? How To Create A 301 redirect Properly Complete Guide

301 Redirect: Definition, Types, Methods and How to Setup It Up for Any Website Many times, we face an error in our Google Search Console that is “page not found”. This happens for some reasons if you delete any page or content or if you edit your post title and …

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How To Make Your Computer Welcome You – You can make your Computer welcome you in its own voice

You must have watched a lot of movies in which computers welcome their users with their names (like “Welcome Sir” ). I bet you too want to know how it is possible. Then relax you are at the right place, In this article we gonna describe exactly how you can …

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HTML Tutorial for Beginners, Learn HTML Step-by-Step

HTML Tutorial for Beginners Would you like to learn some HTML? Sounds like a great idea. Hence the reason why I’ve put together this HTML tutorial for beginners. There are at least 1.2 billion websites in the world today. Practically all of these websites use HTML in one way or the other. …

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How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS Automatically Step by Step Guide

Are you thinking of securing your website with an SSL Certificate? If Yes, then you are the right track. Google is running tests to check if sites use SSL or not in their search ranking algorithms. Read Also: An Ultimate Guide to Types of SSL Certificates | What, Why & …

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How to Install SSL Certificates: An Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate will help your website show HTTPS sign. This means you can securely transfer information from point A and B. SSL is critical when transferring sensitive information. You might find why Google is forcing SSL certificate this year to be useful. In this guide, you …

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